There’s supposedly a “nail craze” sweeping the nation called Duck Feet Nails. But ladies, don’t believe the hype and end up looking a hot mess! 

Exhibit A: WTF?

Exhibit B: Scary!

Exhibit C: Oh snap, not the Duck Feet, feet?!

I discourage all ladies, especially my single ladies, from doing this to themselves… why pay to look unattractive?


As if he hasn’t poisoned America’s brain with those Flavor of Love shows, Flavor Flav is now out to poison our stomachs too. The former hype man just opened up Flav’s Fried Chicken (or FFC) in Clinton, Iowa and is serving up his own secret recipe of New York style fried chicken. Yeah boy!

I don’t know who came up with this brilliant idea BUT don’t they know there aren’t any Black people in Iowa?! Good luck Flav. And if his chicken business is a total success, we all know what the secret ingredient is… crack!

… what his mama named his dumb-ass in the first place: Chad Johnson. I bet the change was requested by his fiance (Evelyn Lozada from Basketball Wives) who just realized she could be “Mrs. Ochocinco” in a few months.

If you’re a Chad-whatever-his-last-name fan, time to buy a new jersey again.

JAN. 24 UPDATE:: So the Bears f*@ked it up! At least the Steelers are going to the Superbowl and I predict they’re going to win… I sure hope those fools don’t shame me!

Okay, it’s 12:30pm and the NFC Championship game between the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers recently started. Before we get too deep in the game, let me throw out my prediction: ” It’s going to be another Black Superbowl Sunday because the Bears and Steelers are gonna thug it out in Superbowl XLV!”  — The Blog Vixen

I have spoken… place your bets accordingly.

For all of you who were anxiously awaiting Lauryn Hill’s 17-city tour, I hate to be the bearer of bad news BUT don’t waste your time or your money! It looks like our favorite singer is now an ex-factor.

Ms. Hill’s tour kicked-off Friday in Brooklyn where she was over three hours late, complained to the crowd about the music and how she was sick of singing the same songs, then gave a vocally weak performance. Not only did the sold-out crowd boo, most of them walked out on the concert. The same thing happened Sunday in St. Louis. Lauryn is scheduled to perform tonight in Minneapolis but I have a feeling her fans there are also in for disappointment.

Anyone who knows me can testify that I absolutely LOVE Lauryn Hill. However, I had to keep it real when I told people back in 2004 that Ms. Hill was on a downward spiral. This revelation came after I watched her struggle through her performance at Dave Chappelle’s Block Party. See for yourself, starting at the 1:40 mark:

Soon after that, she started dressing like Andre 3000, had a string of weird interviews and even weirder, weaker performances… like this one:

In an interview a couple of years ago, Lauryn acknowledged the fact that people are noticing a change in her and expressed having a difficult time dealing with fame and everyone’s expectations. But some blame it on her stressful relationship with Rohan Marley. Some people (like me) think it’s drugs… or maybe it’s her five kids, because kids will drive you crazy!  So who knows what the deal is!?

At least we’ll always have The Miseducation… **sigh**

I’ve been a fan of The First 48 for years now and I’ve seen almost every episode… but I wasn’t prepared for what I witnessed the other night. For the first time EVER, I saw an episode where the victim was white, all the snitches were white, all the suspects were white, and even the killer was white. I had to make sure I was watching the right show!

Now I don’t feel so guilty as a Black woman of Central American decent, watching and enjoying a series that shows nothing but Black and Latino people f*@king up and going to jail. If Memphis can stop representing on every episode, then I’d have no complaints at all. Really they need their own show, Memphis 48, but that’s a-whole-nother discussion! Get your sh*t together Memphis!

Blog Vixen 2K11

Posted: January 13, 2011 in L.A. Exclusive

Hello world… Happy (belated) New Year! I know the site took a hiatus, but we’ve made some changes so we’re ready to hit you harder in 2011 with more celebrity exclusives, discussions about our crazy world and the even crazier people running it, sports talk better than Sports Center, love and sex advice, and more original stories about our favorite hood: Los Angeles.

So stay tuned-in to in 2011… lets start the New Year!