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What’s Wrong With the World Today?

This idiot to our left is 45-year-old Kenneth Bonds from Memphis, Tennessee. Last Saturday he yelled at a couple of local teens to pull up their sagging pants. When the boys rather argue instead, Bonds pulls out a pistol. As the teens try to run away, he fires a few shots, hitting one of them in the a$%… SMH

The boy who was shot was not critically injured and his friend wasn’t harmed during the shooting. Bonds is currently awaiting trial… I say shoot him in the a$% and let him go free.

This story isn’t too shocking… I watch The First 48 so I know it goes down in Memphis!


What’s Wrong With the World Today?

Let me introduce you to wacko extraordinaire James J. Lee. Today he decided he’s going to roll into the Discovery Communications building in Maryland and set it off. Why? Because he was disgusted with its network programing. Was this dude serious?

JJ had a long-standing history of protesting in front of the same building because he felt the networks weren’t doing enough to encourage people to protect the planet. Discovery Communications carries the Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet, Science Channel and Planet Green so what was he watching?

During the 4-hour standoff, JJ took four hostages while sporting a gun and several bombs strapped to his body. In fear of the hostages’ safety, Montgomery County police shot and killed the gunman marking the first-time-in-a-long-time that police shot and killed someone who was actually a threat.