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… designer has to go discount.

Exhibit A:

Well if you’ve always wanted Versace and couldn’t afford it, it’s time to occupy H&M. What’s next? Yves Saint Laurent’s line for Forever 21? The Jimmy Choo collection for Payless?

NOV. 28 UPDATE:: When I asked “what’s next?” in the above post, I totally didn’t see this coming:

Exhibit B:

And they have the nerve to have Jennifer Lopez in the commercials like Jenni from the Block would actually drive a Fiat.


As if he hasn’t poisoned America’s brain with those Flavor of Love shows, Flavor Flav is now out to poison our stomachs too. The former hype man just opened up Flav’s Fried Chicken (or FFC) in Clinton, Iowa and is serving up his own secret recipe of New York style fried chicken. Yeah boy!

I don’t know who came up with this brilliant idea BUT don’t they know there aren’t any Black people in Iowa?! Good luck Flav. And if his chicken business is a total success, we all know what the secret ingredient is… crack!

I’ve been a fan of The First 48 for years now and I’ve seen almost every episode… but I wasn’t prepared for what I witnessed the other night. For the first time EVER, I saw an episode where the victim was white, all the snitches were white, all the suspects were white, and even the killer was white. I had to make sure I was watching the right show!

Now I don’t feel so guilty as a Black woman of Central American decent, watching and enjoying a series that shows nothing but Black and Latino people f*@king up and going to jail. If Memphis can stop representing on every episode, then I’d have no complaints at all. Really they need their own show, Memphis 48, but that’s a-whole-nother discussion! Get your sh*t together Memphis!