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History is being made with Proposition 19. And if it passes, Californians will no longer have to fake depression to get a medical marijuana card. But there’s always a catch.

Prop. 19 legalizes the “recreational” use of marijuana and allows people over 21 to carry up to an ounce, grow plants in a private, 25 square feet area and smoke in their homes or non-public places. Prop. 19 will also allow cities statewide to tax marijuana sales. And broke-as-a-joke-California can definitely use the extra cash.

It is estimated that California can profit around $8.7 billion from the legalization of marijuana, while saving money on law enforcement and the costs to house jail inmates.

However, here’s the first catch: haters at the Justice Department don’t care what voters decide, they’re still going to enforce federal drug laws, especially in California. (WTF?) So although possession of marijuana may become totally legal, Feds can still make arrests and prosecute. That makes you wonder if you rather be bothered with local cops or the Feds… especially since California already has very lenient marijuana laws. Watch the debate for yourself:

The second catch: although Prop. 19 has been promoted as a way to help end Mexico’s drug war, some now think it will increase violence on both sides of the border. For starters, weed isn’t the only drug being smuggled into California. And if the revenues cartels were receiving for weed is cut, they may become more desperate to fill the void, resulting in more trafficking, shootings and kidnappings.

Supporters of Prop. 19 include the National Black Police Association, Oakland City Council and the California NAACP. We already know how Black people feel about their weed but it’s deeper than that. These supporters think that legalizing marijuana will reduce the number of young Black men in jail. In fact, Black males are four times more likely to be arrested for drug related offenses when compared to white dudes… SMH

The American Federation of Teachers are also strong supporters… but I don’t know what that’s about?!

The biggest opposers are members of the alcohol industry because they think legalizing weed will reduce liquor sales. (I can see that happening.)

California’s General Election is Tuesday, November 2nd… get off your a$% and go vote!


At a recent rally in Philadelphia, some idiot threw a book onstage, just inches away from the President. And what did my boy Barack do?… nothing, he just kept on waving and smiling. Damn he’s cool!

Actually, it appears that President Obama didn’t even see the book being thrown. When secret service moved in, the assailant claimed he was only trying to give our President a copy of his book. Seeing that no harm was intended, charges were not filed.  Now if my a$% threw a book at any former president, I’d be in solitary confinement somewhere facing assassination charges.

On another note, some dude was arrested for running around butt-naked at the same rally, claiming he was doing it for a $1 million contest. Obama rallies sure are crunk… here’s the footage:

Now put that past idiot who was running our country in the same situation, the result isn’t as cool:

But nothing’s funnier than the time Lil Duval got at the former President:

No matter what anyone says, President Obama is doing an excellent job!