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When I first laid eyes on Antoine Dodson, he was looking like a crackhead and singing “Hide yo kids, hide yo wife” from his Bed Intruder song.

Next thing I know he’s performing at the 2010 BET Hip-Hop Awards looking clean and sober.  Then yesterday he made an appearance on Lopez Tonight, dressed like a girl with a full-head weave… not quite the look I expected but still an improvement from his debut. 

During the interview, Dodson announced he’s releasing a new single produced by his sister titled Stupid (You So Dumb)… SMH. He hopes his new-found fame and fortune will allow him to move his family out the hood… not just the projects, but the hood. Here’s the interview:

In case you missed his stellar performance with Harry Potter at the BET Awards, here goes:

And one-time for where it all began, during a real news report after an intruder attacked Dodson’s sister:

I honestly wish that guy all the luck in the world!