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Did you know Jay-Z’s brother Eric was on crack? Better yet, did you know when Jay-Z was 12-years-old, he shot his crackhead brother for stealing from him??

In Saturday’s The Guardian (a British newspaper) Jay-Z admits to shooting his brother in the shoulder and talks about the relief he felt when his brother decided not to press charges. In fact, Eric apologized to Jigga for the whole incident.

This story and more can be found in Jay-Z’s book Decoded. (It’s actually hella cheap on… I don’t think that’s a good sign.)


On a slow news day, there’s nothing like a lil crack to keep you going. Enjoy:


Crack is Wack #1: Amy Winehouse

Posted: September 1, 2010 in Crack is Wack

Looks like the beautiful Amy Winehouse and dapper Pete Dohtery are moving in together. Actually, she’s letting him move into her house. Girl, that’s a no-no!

The rehab rejects decided to shack-up because they’re really good friends (translation: because they both really like crack, heroin and horse tranquilizers).

This saddens me because Amy’s Back to Black is classic! We’re definitely not getting anymore hits out of her with this roommate situation. At least we got Whitney back… I think.