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It’s official, our boy T.I. is going back to jail… SMH

The Atlanta rapper was in court today following his September arrest for drug possession. Since he violated his current probation for those 2007 weapons charges, a federal judge sentenced him to 11 months in prison.

Damn T.I., what happened to the Road to Redemption?!


Everyone’s favorite rapper, Lil Wayne, is in solitary confinement and will likely spend the remainder of his jail sentence locked up for 23 hours a day. Why? Because he was hiding a charger for a MP3 player and headphones. WTF?!

Wayne is scheduled to be released from jail on November 4th and sources say he may remain in the isolated cell, called The Bing, until then. This is ridiculous… FREE LIL WAYNE!


Rapper T.I. is in jeopardy of having his probation revoked and may be heading back to jail………… (moment of silence)

I found out today that his hearing for drug possession charges has been set for Friday, October 15. This all stems from that shady night in September when T.I. and his tiny wife were pulled over for busting an illegal U-turn. During the stop, North Hollywood police “claimed” they smelled mary jane and “allegedly” found ecstasy in their Maybach. 

T.I. is on three years probation following his December 2009 release for weapons charges.  But this new charge isn’t the only strike against the King of the South. T.I. is also in violation for failing a drug test and being in the company of another convicted felon known as C-Rod. Don’t worry, the drug test only showed up codeine… maybe he had a cough.

Still no date for the release of T.I.’s latest and most appropriately titled album, King Uncaged.


Lindsay Lohan Back on Drugs

Posted: September 19, 2010 in Bailed or Jailed

Lindsay Lohan’s dumb a$% can’t stop doing coke long enough to stay out of jail. It became public Friday that she FAILED her court-ordered drug and alcohol testing, which means she may be heading back to jail. That’s right! After she just served a jail sentence and did a stint in rehab, Lohan is back to the ol’ sniff-sniff-pass.

In the words of Rick James: Cocaine is a helluva drug!

When the story first broke, I heard that T.I. and wife Tiny were arrested in West Hollywood last night after being pulled over for a lil puff-puff-pass session in their Maybach. That raised my eyebrow… cops in LA don’t care about smoking. Around here, you can’t go two miles in any direction without finding a spot you can legally walk in and buy green.

But now I’m hearing that the duo “allegedly” had methamphetamines in their possesion. Jesus Take the Wheel!

Both are free after they each posted $10,000 bail around 4am this morning. T.I., who is currently on probation for those infamous weapons charges, is in jeopardy of heading back to prison. (Oh Lord, not before he wraps up the new album… ironically titled King Uncaged)  No word on Tiny’s fate but I’m hoping whatever happens will prevent another season of Toya and Tiny Tiny and Toya… or whatever it’s called.

I’ll keep you updated on the new Bonnie and Clyde. I’ve always been a fan of them both so my fingers are crossed!